My name is Matthew Esterhuizen and I am a director with a background as a VFX specialist

I started working  15 odd years ago  in the high-end visual effects industry and soon started taking over entire projects including the creative decision making as well as Directing . 

I have worked with clients big and small  such as Jaguar, Landrover , Saatchi and Saatchi, Taylor james, Nike, Adidas, Diesel, T.M.Lewin, Olmeca as well as Sky. 

As an animation artist and technical director I am able to bring those skills onto set when directing to make sure that any VFX and live-action sequences combine seamlessly in the best possible way.

Needless to say most of my work is Visual effects and Live action integrated .

I love working all over the world and enjoy working with new people .

Thats all folks.